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About us.....

The Villages is a privately owned pre-school run by a permanent, fully qualified staff with a ratio of 1 adult to at least 8 children (1-4 when children are aged under 3). Our pre-school offers education and care for children from 2 years until they are able to take up a school place at rising five.


We offer

•a specially tailored curriculum leading to learning goals

•individual care and attention

•fun and friendship with children and other adults

•individual support from a key person


 Download our Prospectus for more details about our daily activities.





Through careful planning, our daily routine includes free play at the beginning of the session.  We believe that achieving a balance between adult-led and child-led activity is crucial to their development.  Our resources change from week to week to provide each child with the opportunity to try new activities and use avariety of equipment. Children are encouraged to direct their own learning, through exploring the different areas of our setting at their own pace and in their own way.  

Creative play